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Evolution – Is there a direction?

I wish it could be as simple as it is in mathematics to define a line, by placing two dots then connecting them. The direction of the line could be easily seen this way. Could we find two "dots" to connect, to create that line that would show the direction of...

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Meditation – Seek Spirituality

Meditation - Seek Spirituality This painting is one of my very first creations. It is my first big-size painting, measuring 60cm by 80 cm. I painted it about three years ago. I had some struggles with the background, and I wasn't pleased with the overall...

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Herons and the Zorn Palette

I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a heron is. How about the Zorn palette? It is named after the famous artist Andreas Zorn; it is a basic palette of three colours: cadmium red, yellow ochre, ivory black plus titanium white. These are the colours I used for the...

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Audiobooks or How to get smarter

Why audiobooks? The first time I heard about audiobooks, I thought it was another lazy invention. I thought this would be a horrible thing because I felt that reading is something sacred. I always respected books, partially because since early childhood I've liked to...

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Three paintings explained

Still life number 1: This painting pictures a couple of simple objects, arranged in a way that pleased my "artistic license." I challenged myself to paint an open book. I don't know how well I did in your opinion, but it was fun and a pleasure to paint. So, let's take...

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Portrait Painter Philip de Laszlo

In this article, I wish to introduce a painter who is one of my very favourites. He had an incredible skill, not just for painting portraits from life in a few hours, but to pose his subjects in a sophisticated manner in order to reveal their character. His style is...

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