What is Quick Poses?

Quick Poses is basically an image library of naked people. It can create timed slide shows for those seeking to improve their drawing skill. If you are one of them, then this web page is perfect for you. You will have great improvement if you keep going and drawing.

What do you have to do?

You just need to grab your sharpened pencil, a piece of paper, or a digital tablet, put your favourite music on, and pick one of the challenges.
You can choose the time; it is up to you how long you want to draw each pose.

The challenge is to draw 20 poses. This website is such a great assistant; it will track your progress and will show your achievements as you reach each level.

If you don’t like an image, you can just skip it. If you wish to change the background, you can do that as well – black-or-white – like Michael Jackson said. The options for what to draw are plenty.
If you still have not started to practice, please read on; there is more. 🙂

Why would I recommend this website?

Because I know it works. I visited this web page for about 3 years, on and off. Recently, I just reached level 5. This is not to brag about it; I just wish to mention it. I feel it changed my drawing skills massively and would like to point out how helpful it was. This is one of the most enjoyable drawing exercises you could do! You see improvement straight away. You don’t have to think what to draw. It is short; it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; it is fun … it is Quick Poses!
You can relax; listen to your music, and just draw. Try to capture what you see on your screen.
Sounds good, no? Still here? OK. Hang on a little bit and you can head to drawing in a minute.

So, you could ask, what is the point?

Let’s go into this:

  • Improvement – drawing is a skill and you can develop it if you spend the time. Aiming for mastery is a never ending path and there is always room for improvement.
  • FUN –  as there is no pressure on you, other than the time :), you can freely experiment with different media, and not have to have a finished end product- artwork – because the point is the journey, 🙂 so it is fun and you should keep it that way. The best way to learn is to have fun. 🙂 It is not worth it to pressure yourself.
  • Learning tool – if you advance your knowledge with some anatomy on the side, you will speed up even more.
  • Build a good daily HABIT – this the one most important thing. Don’t get lost just to collect achievements. And please don’t feel you have arrived just to reach this and that level. If you set your goal to master something, that is a life goal. You can have smaller goals; yes, of course, it is a really heart warming feeling to look back, and see what you achieved.:) Stick to the daily habit. Don’t let it go and you will see drawing can be your best friend for life!

That is the point. Don’t rush to Quick Poses; just couple more words.

How can you practice? What is the best way to do it?

There are some guidelines available on the website, please go through them, as well. I found that a variation to my approach is very helpful to not get bored. Sometimes I use pencil, then ink with water-brush, then charcoal, pen pastel, normal pen, digital ink, etc.

Each medium will suggest a slightly different approach. Charcoal would be easy to smudge on and take away; combined with a pencil can really make an interesting effect in minutes, or let’s say seconds; cross hatching with a pen is also a different experience. Be open, experiment, find what it is you love to work with.
Keep yourself focused, stay sharp, keep a constant self-talk. Telling yourself what you are doing can be a helpful way not to let your mind slip away elsewhere. It will help to be more analytical, as well. Compare, but don’t waste time for measuring. Probably this is another reason why I love QP so much. It is the freedom; you can let your instincts kick in, no matter what your drawing will look like! Of course, your aim is to do your very best every time! The goal is todraw as precisely as you can, but nobody has to see it unless you want to share it. You can throw it out if you are dissatisfied. You will find that some of them are worth keeping, anyway. These mini pieces are just the byproducts, not the main goal. This is only rehearsal, practice, and experiment!

If you get bored doing lines, draw with shapes. If that is boring, try colors, or draw only straight lines, or only curved lines. Compare your drawings, see what you can learn from them.
The benefit of all this will be that you will discover your style. You don’t have to force it. It will come along naturally. Exposing your pencil to constant practice will take you beyond your beliefs. I assume that your pencil does the drawing.:) Be gentle towards yourself; don’t judge yourself, JUST DRAW.

There is only one more thing left to say:

If you did it, and you got what you wanted, it helped you. Your skill got better and you will see how much it got better. Please remember that someone worked hard to get this website up and running. It evolved into a really nice tool, and there is much more to come.

There is a plan to have Quick Poses own photo shooting, which would produce better images to draw from. So if you feel you can help, you can send some images, or become a patron with even 1$ per month. Or you can just write a review and share the web page. I’m very grateful for Quick Poses and really happy to practice for free!

Thanks for reading all this; now off you go, have fun and keep drawing. 🙂

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