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What does “One Art Studio” mean?

Well, Let me first introduce myself: I’m Csaba [ˈtʃɒbɒ] / Csaba Tibor Palotas. Yes, I know, you can use Trevor, Casaba, Casbah, Gaspar, Trouble, or Casper; you can call me what you like. Believe me, I have heard it all, 🙂 and, yes, I also know that Shabba Ranks song, Mr Loverman. 🙂

If I had to summarise my art in one phrase, it would be “love letters to nature,” whether they are oil portraitslandscapesstill lifes, etc. I find nature most beautiful, and I like to express this with my paintings.
Why did I choose “One Art Studio” as a name?
Good question. It is not because my name is hard to pronounce. I chose these words carefully and combined them together.
So, let’s have a look at what it could mean! An art studio and the only one art studio are both tempting, but not enough.
I must admit the studio word I just fancied to add to it. It represents the sacred place where I create. It has no special meaning to it. But the other two are very important.

Let’s start with ONE

For me, One has three meanings. The first meaning is number one, or one unit of something. This isn’t the meaning I wanted to emphasize.

It is the second one. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, there is a circle called Enso. The Enso is painted with a brush and ink, during one breath, and usually with one hand movement. It has a lot of meaning. It means everything, whole, complete, and perfect, full yet empty. It is a practice to draw it with ink as a kind of ceremony. It also represents oneness with the universe and the interconnectedness of all things.

That is why I choose it. That was the meaning I looked for—the unlimitedness, the enclosure of everything!
It might be an accident that the Enso circle and the first letter of the word one are similar to the circle of the 0 (zero), which is the third meaning of the one—that is, the emptiness, nullity. If something means everything, then it means nothing as well.

Nothing is just as unlimited as everything, like space. It is surrounding everything. It seems like nothing, but without space, nothing would exist, endless and invisible.

Enough of this now, before you get a headache.

Enzo circle
Paint and brush

The second but not last:  ART

It is another interesting word to contemplate. We use it many times, but it is hard to grasp and understand. I share Nietzsche’s opinion about it:

”For Nietzsche, art is not the imitation of nature, but a metaphysical complement that will enable the transcendence of nature itself. Art is the fundamental metaphysical activity of Man; art is the highest form of human activity. “  – http://jorbon.tripod.com/niet01.html

Art can take you closer to “reality”. However, its function is not only to bring you closer to the transcendental truth but also to awaken you to it. When is that happening? The moment that you experience beauty, it is when you realise something, for some reason, is unexplainably beautiful. And what is that truth? Well, that is the question for everyone, and it is everyone’s duty to search and find the answer. I would say go back and read the meaning of the first word. 🙂
So if you find any of my paintings beautiful, I have fulfilled my job as an artist, and I’m very happy.
Now that you know the point of my art and “the mechanism” that moves my brush, I can admit that I do love to paint human beings. I find portraits or figurative art the highest form of painting. But I like to paint landscapes, flowers, animals, human-made objects, nature, still life or anything else. I am happy to take commissions as well.

About my Technique

“I want to die painting”

Paul Cezanne

There is no strict or rigid method that I follow. Occasionally, I try out some entirely new approaches to keep things fresh.

With the word traditional, as in traditional oil painting, I mean that I don’t use any stencil, projector, grid or “unique device” other than my arm, eyes, paintbrush, and oil paint, pencil or charcoal. My paintings are handcrafted, and one of a kind— I love to use the word one. Sometimes I draw before I paint, but most of the time I just draw with the brush. Sometimes I work from life; preferably. I don’t mind to work from photographs either. Some moments are so quick and short-lived that a camera can be a great help. My goal is not to copy or imitate but to createto show, to point out that life is beautiful in so many ways, even in daily living. We just really need to recognise, to let it reveal itself to us and look for it. I take the photographs myself.I feel I can express what I want to show /”one”-”art”/ through a harmonious colour of a simple flower; a hazy, misty atmosphere at sunrise; the perfect imperfection of a dead broken tree trunk with some flat,  snow-white mushrooms, or with the sparkle of vitality of green moss; an aged, wrinkled, seasoned man’s face; the open, innocent laughing eye of a child; or the ageless feminine beauty in a girl, lady or mother, even if I use a photograph as a reference. Of course, I aim to paint from life as much as possible. Photographs are just a tool to help me.

For my paintings, I try to use the best tools and materials that I can afford. I love Michael Harding oils; that’s my choice of oil paint. I paint on premium-quality oil paper. After the paint dries, I varnish the paintings with Gamvar varnish. The paintings I usually sign on the front. On the backside of every painting, I stamp the studio logo and the date they were born.

Each and every sold artwork helps me create more, spend more time with painting, and devote more time to painting from life and also allows me to use better-quality materials. My paintings are valuable to me and are filled with my love for life, nature, and the universe. Because the reality is an individual’s own experience, lived through that individual’s body and senses, a painting created by my experience and then viewed by you suggests that I am in my paintings as well /”one”/. For every critique, suggestion, comment, or appreciation, I’m glad and grateful. Thank you very much for your attention.

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